2011 Sanuki Film Festival exhibition movie camera operator

2014 has started the international exchange taking advantage of overseas stay experience, etc., are welcome from all over the world 250 people or more guests to the Setouchi International Art Festival.

2015 from Kagawa University Business School, Graduate School of Regional Management, Graduate School of Public Lectures 2015 Art and local activation (Lecturer: Setouchi International Arts triennale General Director Fram Kitagawa ) course.

Also, It participated in the time-lapse production workshops and photo labs K project in order to express the Setouchi area as Art.

Do the Setouchi area religious service art on the theme of feelings of people who had lived in the ancient Setouchi area.

To pursue the essence, Art continue to create the New value to the world in the sense of to be object representative of a divine spirit.

family lineage based of Shinto priest to parents both.


Showichi Ogasawara


2011年 さぬき映画祭出品映画 カメラ担当




2015年から香川大学ビジネススクール大学院地域マネジメント研究科公開講座2 0 1 5 アートと地域活性化(講師:瀬戸内国際芸術祭 総合ディレクター 北川フラム氏)受講










May The Force Be With You