Ley’s Ark / Leyの箱舟

Ancient tomb, located in Iwaseo mountain (old name Ark Mountain)  stone coffin is called a stone boat from the fact that is a boat, it has been reported as “Heavenly  god of Boarding Heaven stone rock boat ” from antiquity.

Stone boat sarcophagus is placed in the east-west direction, as the Egyptian pyramids, “the sun of the boat”, set sail to the silently heavenly of the journey as if induced into Netherworld of the country the night of the dead to the subject by the sunsets.

When that has been excavations, referred bones did not.

Death is a live reflects mirror, or could the “breath call of the curse ” is fulfilled resuscitation of the force is given in the heavenly of the journey as the sun revives again in the winter solstice.

Rock husk is remaining, like a Noah’s Ark, absent nobody

Heaven and earth continues to silence

However, certainly were here.



石瀬尾山(旧名 石舟山)に所在する古墳は石棺が船形であることから石船塚と呼ばれ、いにしえから「天神の乗給ひし天磐舟なり」と伝えられている。