Urashima peninsula winter solstice season the Rising Sun / 浦島半島冬至期旭日

Urashima peninsula winter solstice season the Rising Sun


Shonai (old name Urashima) peninsula is protruding elongated to the northwest toward the Seto Inland Sea, the terrain consistent with the winter solstice sunrise orientation to symbolize resurrection and death of the sun, and there are many nature worship remains from the Jomon Period there.

Winter solstice period, and wait for the sunrise in Shiunde(purple cloud) mountain, starry sky shining in pitch-black darkness of silence changing the color to the purple clouds, rising sun risen from Myoken mountain direction in which the base of the Shonai peninsula.

There is also a place such huge rock caves sacred rocks in the Beichen (North Star) Myouken faith or the mother’s womb are enshrined, shrine points to the winter solstice sunrise direction.

Ancient people who lived in Urashima, while watching the sunset in the evening of the day going sunk to beyond the sea there is a previous Palace of the Dragon King eternity legend of the peninsula, wished unchanged homeland and eternal youth by the war.