Winter solstice season Otsuchi Island sunset from the Naoshima / 知訶島からの冬至期大槌島日隅

Winter solstice season Otsuchi Island sunset from the Naoshima
A silhouette, such as especially impressive pyramids in the Seto Inland Sea, the ancient Conical shape mountain is being likened to a snake coil up, To the “Tsuchi” has the meaning of snake with a horrible force exceeding the honorary title-human power of something spiritual power, as the god of water close to connecting the heavens and the sea there is a big snake the Palace of the Dragon King of the Sea folklore, people safety of sailing and praying for rain.

From the vernal equinox and the autumnal equinox Ogijima isrand, the winter solstice period from Naoshima Island, which is also considered chika island appears to the island birth myth Izanagi &Izanami , sunsets to Otsuchi Island.

The appearance Whether never close bull’s-eye, or death to be swallow, whether a shape to produce a insertion new life to the mountaintop.

Integrally in a exquisite rhythm of the universe, as The serpent to play molting, in the one life and death come to circular ring alternately, to pursue eternity of the inner.

Human come from another world, go to another world.

Birth and to the human from the the serpent, or death as had been the molting incarnated from human to the serpent.