Zentsuji city ohsa mountain,Valley of the Kings hill Tumulus and Winter solstice season the Rising Sun / 善通寺市大麻山、王家の谷丘古墳と冬至期旭日

Yayoi countries of the era had been exchanges in ancient China, “the son of heaven worshiped heavens on the winter solstice in the circle hill, enshrines the ground in square to the summer solstice,” marked as such, circular‐shaped ancient tomb with rectangular frontage is heaven and earth sunshine such as the winter solstice and summer solstice It may be considered to have been a religious service tomb shape-conscious religious service.

And right angles to the ancient tomb the center pole line, a beautiful match to the Rising Sun, from the border of the heavenly circle the hills and the ground aquare, felt the Ley Line (the sun of the road).

West Sanuki Setouchi international community had guarded of the land guardian deity also, wish to revive playing like the winter solstice of the sun, which means playing, and what the wanted to come true.




古墳中軸線に直角して、天の円丘と地の方沢との境から旭日する美しい一致、Ley Line(太陽の道)を感じた。