Zentsuji washino mountain winter solstice season sunset and Match of land subdivision road direction / 善通寺倭斯濃山・冬至期日隅と条里制道方向の一致

Zentsuji city prospered a large village country from the ancient Jomon Yayoi, Jouri system road still remain in the streets the main load of that time are said to baseline.

Winter solstice period, huge sacred rock mountain (Gahaishi mountain) and Gogaku mountain, including the Kashiki mountain , sunsets to old name, Washino mountain of ancient.

Awakening the match of the Ley Line and ancient main street including Zentsuji.

It is an ancient sun faith of the road, the road of sun goddess . Origin of Kashiki mountain name is a pyramid worthy of the altar raised a smoke and smell baked offerings to by the method enshrines the heaven hope in the resurrection of God sunset die to the sky (heaven), it was to religious service and offered to would not in origin.

Sun is born rising sun, the sunrise and one day ends. The same Landscapes as always also a sometime memory.

Pray to be weathering over time also flows to leave a little sign.

Silently when the flow, the day feeling the nature and life of the people the eternal era that flows.






そのLey Lineと古代メインストリート(善通寺含む)の一致を覚醒する。








静かに時は流れ、日は流れていく 悠久の時代を人の営みと自然を感じながら