Gear S review レビュー

心配していた携帯本体との連携は自動的に繋がるので手間要らずで完璧です。難点はバッテリーの持ち時間。今迄は太陽ソーラー発電の腕時計を使用していたのでメンテナンス不要でしたが、Gear Sでは毎晩の充電が必須の感じです。

Recently I tried to introduce a wristwatch-type wearable terminal of that model changed mobile phone and a matching!

Previously from If I have wanted to call safely even while traveling on the phone to come hanging on while driving, if hands-free a wristwatch-type terminal, it is possible to automatically receive the phone increases the safety and not to traffic violations.

Since the cooperation with the portable body that had been worried lead to automatically is perfect No need for labor. Drawback is battery allotted time of. Until now it was a unnecessary maintenance because I had to use the watch of the sun solar power generation, is the feeling of charging every night is essential in Gear S.

Although wristwatch-type terminal has hesitated to buy whether I need, such as some game apps and music players in the watch screen, it was correct answer to the challenge because there are many things fun and play creative possibilities.

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