車中泊女子来訪! ~camping car trip women visit!~

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チェックインして寛いでもらった後、我が家のささやかなおもてなし夕食。Guests用に新規購入した天然木曽ひのき 【 刺身 寿司 天ぷら 盛付台】30×21cm ゲタ足 社寺仏閣の池田木材製

を初導入 ^^








Women weekend typhoon was approaching, that are traveling more than two months the whole country from Tokyo camper told me to homestay three days and two nights in the typhoon shelter!

The car Nakadomari, because there is a risk that the glass is damaged or trees flew in strong wind, automobile may become sideways in the worst case when the typhoon certainly, I is dangerous if you do not evacuate to a safe building .

After I had relaxed with check-in, modest hospitality dinner of my home. The first introduction of the Ikeda-made natural wood Kiso cypress that was purchased new for Guests [sashimi sushi tempura Sheng with stand] of 30 × 21cm Getaashi shrines and temples.

Simply put, it is ^ ^  that sushi is now appears to be more delicious.

Outdoor was a typhoon storms, but we can while I pleasure sake and meal, or raised the talk of campers common in Wakayama Hongu by to ask how the journey, it blooms in car night journey story was able.by the time hot hot talk about dreams and love until the middle of the night and drink only a drink even after dinner on the second day.

While you can not go out anywhere in the typhoon hit, and me playing get along with children,  Children were also quite tame in the daytime.

By the third day of the typhoon after passing through, that is the continuation of the Shikoku pilgrimage, it went is starting. To hear, because say despite being inexperienced, purchased in early summer of this year the light van compact, table and made ​​yourself a plate bets such as car shelf camping specification homebrew immediately until it is a surprise.
Feminine of you have a fashionable sense, stylish car!

In addition, the ability to take action that was welded in yourself is led to the iron bars that support a table expandable shelf of your own!
Gas stove yard when the car is also your own cooking in the mortar and tile! Take advantage of the Staub pot bring out the taste in interior cooking. Fashionable!

Figure pilgrim was also cute you are very suits. Thank you to the flag rope handmade. Commemorative photo!

Typhoon-like, it ^ ^  Thank you for the nice your edge

I was really taken care of children both will play.
It was also in the camping car off meeting in your outside, let’s talk about the hot dreams and love and also drink next time!

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