The football game in the winter of rain in football club


The other day, there is a football club game, we have to participate.
I do not know in the photo, but it was a game in the rain. In the cold of winter, yet the causes the game to children in the middle of the rain is a problem. I’ve consulted because I wanted to quit giving, football is so’s customs to compete even in the rain, it did not become the event is canceled. Though would be safe to if summer of rain, it is not could cause a cold or pneumonia is caused to the game while let the rain in the cold of winter, there are close to the abuse. Sure enough the next day seems Some children who caught a cold. Parents and coaches, reality that can not be allowed to stop to know it’s not good customs supervision is ridiculous. Or to protect the health of important whether children is to run the holding of the important, which is when we should value judgments retroactively the spirit whether First of whether the the held Football Association and officials of what for sports I think.

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