We participated in BONSAI RECORD sponsored by the Takamatsu Chamber of Commerce. This is a project to foster human resources who conduct bonsai workshops for tourists and to train the saucers to provide experience-based tourism. So far, we have approached through the bonsai workshop to the layer that has never touched or owned the bonsai, and the curriculum is such that you can acquire basic skills on bonsai handling after the whole process. As a leader who provides experience-based tourism of bonsai, the business operator who will attend will hold a bonsai workshop for tourists in parallel with or as part of his main business so that he can contribute to the revitalization of the tourist industry. It is to be. Learn how to make bonsai and how to grow it from bonsai farmers, grow 12 plants with leaves, flowers and fruits in the center of pinewood and make various bonsais, and make various knowledge and techniques related to the handling of bonsai in a short period of time I will learn in between. We will record the bonsai that we made for each course and the process of making with photos and sentences (record), and will examine the new value and possibilities of bonsai.

After this course, we will hold a bonsai workshop for shoppers, tourists, etc. as a provider of experience-based tourism, and will engage in the activation of bonsai and tourism businesses in the prefecture.

高松商工会議所主催のBONSAI RECORDに参加しました。観光客向けに盆栽ワークショップを行う人材を育成して体験型観光を提供する受け皿を養成する事業です。





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